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Perfect For Taking your Dog to a Flea Market, Craft Fair, or Anywhere?

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Daisy Dogs Pet Shop Travel & Flea Market Kit ©

Hi I'm Daisy and I am here to tell you about my idea called Daisy Dogs Pet Shop Travel & Flea Market Kit ©! I told my Pet Parents and they put this great travel kit together.  It is perfect for all us Dogs that go traveling on the weekends to our favorite Dog Parks, Flea Markets, Vacation Spots, or just anywhere my Pet Parents want to go!

I Luv that my Pet Parents take me with them, but I said hey it would be nice to have my own bag with the things I need when we are out...so here is what comes with my kit, after all I need my accessories too!

Inside a Clear Stadium Bag that you can use is: (I was thinking of you too!)

1 - Paw Balm – to keep my tootsies from burning when we are on the hot pavement

1 - Package with 30 Poopy Bags & Dispenser – for when I just am not able to hold it anymore

1 - Handy Drinker 9 oz – because I get thirsty too

Perfect for taking me with you when you go out to your favorite events, and like I said before everything is inside a clear Stadium Bag, you get a gift that you can re-use for Sporting Events, or any other activities that you plan!

I just love it! I hope to see all my Pals soon....

Luv Daisy

Click Here to see my Kit!

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