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Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Guide


Every anniversary marks another year of wedded bliss to your spouse. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love and your marriage, and the life that you have built together. Therefore, it is appropriate that you gift your spouse something special, anniversary rings they will treasure for years to come. But how do you know which gift will make each anniversary special and memorable? Here is a guide to help you find the perfect gift for all of your big milestones.

Year One

Your first wedding anniversary is an exciting and special time. as it is a celebration of your first year as a married couple. Reaching your first anniversary is a milestone to remember, which is why you should set the tone by gifting your partner a traditional gift that resembles a successful first year of marriage. Traditional gifts for a one-year anniversary include clocks and watches. If you want to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry to remember your first year together, the official stone for the first anniversary is the Peridot.

Year Five

Your five-year anniversary is a huge accomplishment. It symbolizes your half-decade together. Traditionally, the five-year anniversary was celebrated with the gift of silverware. But instead of gifting silverware, we suggest that you wear your silver. Impress your significant other with a beautiful silver necklace, earrings, ring, or watch. Sapphire is also said to represent the fifth year of marriage, as a symbol of hope, faith, strength, wisdom, kindness, and good fortune. Therefore, purchasing a Sapphire and/or silver will make the perfect gift to commemorate your five years together.

Year 10

Reaching your ten-year anniversary is a huge milestone. You’ve been together for an entire decade, therefore, you need to gift your spouse with jewelry that represents all you have been through together. Diamonds are a symbol of faithfulness and love, making them the perfect gift for your ten-year anniversary. Your spouse will love the gift of a beautiful diamond bracelet, ring, earrings, diamond pendant, or any other diamond piece of jewelry.

Year 25

When you reach twenty-five years of wedded bliss, it is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated and commemorated in a memorable way. Celebrate your twenty-five years of marriage together with a traditional gift of silver. Take your silver gift to the next level, by purchasing silver jewelry encrusted with diamonds. Whether you purchase a beautiful silver and diamond pendant necklace, silver and diamond bracelet, ring, watch, or any other piece of beautiful silver and diamond jewelry, your spouse will love and treasure it for years to come.

Year 50

Couples who make it to their fiftieth wedding anniversary, have built a beautiful life together. Fifty years is a big accomplishment that needs to be recognized and celebrated. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is also commonly referred to as the “golden anniversary.” Therefore, it is only appropriate that you gift your spouse with a beautiful piece of gold jewelry. Whether it be a gold pendant, bracelet, ring, watch, or pair of earrings, it will be a gift that they will cherish forever. If you really want to take your gold gift to the next level, purchase a piece of gold jewelry that is paired with gorgeous diamonds, that will sparkle just like they will when they open the box.

Anniversaries are a celebration of commitment, partnership, companionship, and love. Celebrate the special bond that you and your spouse share by gifting a beautiful, one of a kind gift that they will treasure for the rest of their life. Browse Diamonds, Jewelry & Gifts' anniversary rings and bands to find something special for your significant other.

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