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Save 10% off fine jewelry on eBay.com until 12/20/22 using coupon code JEWELRYSAVING

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Hi Everyone,

In case you are still looking for Fine Jewelry Gifts for the Holiday, eBay is having a 10% off sale for Fine Jewelry that is funded by eBay, you can go to this detail link page for the details. You do have to be a registered user at eBay. 

The coupon code is JEWELRYSAVING – valid from 12/14-12/20/22 - apply at checkout.

The details are listed below too, so please review the Terms & Conditions as listed by eBay on the detail link page. We have quite a selection in our eBay store too. 

The link to our eBay store is DiamondsandGifts.net, or go to our home page.

Happy shopping!

Bring Color into your life with beautiful Rainbow Gemstone Jewelry!

This new Rainbow Collection of Fine Jewelry is from the 302 Brand, and is designed with beautiful gems. Full of color, and fine quality Gems! There is the Rainbow Bar Necklace with 10 beautiful gemstones.Then there is the beautiful Rainbow Circle Gemstone Necklace, designed with 21 colorful gems, like topaz, garnet, sapphire, amethyst and more!Plus lets [...]

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The Lab Grown Diamond (LGD) Get Educated! Perfect for your Diamond Engagement Ring.

If you have not heard, lab-grown Diamonds are popular and will continue to grow in popularity as an option for the consumer. So, it is important that you become educated if you are in the process of deciding on a Natural Diamond or a Lab-grown Diamond for your engagement ring, earrings, necklace, or bracelet.“Lab-grown Diamonds offer customers with an alternative option [...]

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What is Your Story? What Engagement Jewelry Design Will Tell It Best?

As we all know the Diamond Engagement Ring is a symbol of your love and the commitment that you will both share as a couple. Diamonds are durable and the sparkle is just amazing, it is truly the choice for many Engagement Rings. However, did you ever think about something different, or incorporating the traditional Diamond Engagement Ring with [...]

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Why Platinum Jewelry?

Let's talk about Platinum Jewelry. When you are selecting your jewelry remember to ask about a Platinum alternative. When you design your jewelry with Platinum, you are creating for yourself the best foundation possible. Since Platinum is the strongest and most durable precious metal, Platinum will ensure the security of your Diamond or Gemstone selected for your jewelry setting. Facts about [...]

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How to Choose Wedding Accessories

It’s wedding season. So if you have a wedding around the corner, start looking at wedding day accessories pronto. Here are a few tips on how to choose wedding accessories such as diamond earrings and diamond bracelets. Match Your Metals Some metals look better with specific dress colors. If you are wearing a diamond white gown, the [...]

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Giving Guide

Every anniversary marks another year of wedded bliss to your spouse. It gives you the opportunity to celebrate your love and your marriage, and the life that you have built together. Therefore, it is appropriate that you gift your spouse something special, anniversary rings they will treasure for years to come. But how do you [...]

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3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Men’s Wedding Band

There are many important factors to consider when choosing a men’s wedding band. These should be carefully considered because he will wear the one you choose throughout his lifetime, as it will have special importance to your spouse. Everything from the ring’s width to the type of metal, to your budget, should be taken [...]

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Perfect For Taking your Dog to a Flea Market, Craft Fair, or Anywhere?

Daisy Dogs Pet Shop Travel & Flea Market Kit ©Hi I'm Daisy and I am here to tell you about my idea called Daisy Dogs Pet Shop Travel & Flea Market Kit ©! I told my Pet Parents and they put this great travel kit together.  It is perfect for all us Dogs that go [...]

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One of The Traditional Birthstones of March is ...

Aquamarine...Imagine a dip in a crystal blue mountain lake – the morning air crisp and expectant, the sky soaring high with cloudless overhead. This is the unique refreshment of Aquamarine.The name means “ocean water,” and tales of Aquamarine date back to ancient seafaring days. Sailors of old believed that these glittering, watery gems came from [...]

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