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What is Your Story? What Engagement Jewelry Design Will Tell It Best?

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As we all know the Diamond Engagement Ring is a symbol of your love and the commitment that you will both share as a couple. Diamonds are durable and the sparkle is just amazing, it is truly the choice for many Engagement Rings. However, did you ever think about something different, or incorporating the traditional Diamond Engagement Ring with a Modern Look of your own?

How about some Color? Adding colored Gems can not only bring beauty to the ring, but also incorporate the color or colors you love! Making your engagement ring a definition of your Story. Maybe a special place that you both went where the Ocean was a beautiful blue, or the Sunset was a heart-warming Yellow! Color brings your Engagement Ring to life with a special memory.

Or if you have children, it could be the colors of their Birthstones, incorporating into your Engagement Ring. Or it could just be a simple as your favorite color. Gems come in so many beautiful colors you can let your imagination run wild, and create a unique style all your own.

For me, my father and I were very close, and he has passed on. His nick name was Sonny because of his personality. How beautiful it would be to honor him and incorporate colors that remind me of him. What a special Engagement Ring that would be, and a memory to last forever.

In addition, adding color can offer you wider flexibility on price range, with an Engagement Ring that will look exquisite.

From SI, “According to The Zoe Report, incorporating colored gemstones and other diamond alternatives in engagement rings is among the top engagement ring trends that are thriving in today’s bridal jewelry market. “

Whether used as an eye-catching statement center stone or colorful accents, gemstones will continue to be a part of the conversation when discussing the world of possibilities with any Bride.

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